But what about me?

With every bit of information I give, I usually incorporate my own experiences. Whether that means explaining how I was involved in certain things or what that experience was like for me. That’s exactly what I plan on doing here. Any guesses as to what aspect about myself I am going to share this time? Well considering that my last post discussed further involvement in agriculture through college or career choices, if you guessed anything similar to that you’re probably right.

So what will the future be for me you ask?

Education. Not a very big surprise. I am pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Agriculture Science and Education. I plan on becoming a postsecondary Agriculture teacher but so far I have no idea what are I want to teach. A lot of what I end up teaching remains up to the school I am hired at and the courses they need me to teach. My options range from welding or wood working shop classes to plant, soil, or animal sciences and anything in between. Along with the courses I wind up teaching, I will be assigned some responsibilities as and FFA Advisor. This can mean I am in charge of preparing students for CDE’s, running a certain livestock group for SAE projects, or simply be in charge of helping students arrange their monthly meetings. This is the aspect of being an agriculture teacher that is the main reason I choose this subject area to purse. All students have to attend school and pass certain classes in order to graduate, there isn’t very much flexibility in these requirements and a lot of students don’t enjoy certain subjects or find themselves resenting school because they are forced to attend classes they don’t have a passion for. But with FFA and this out of the classroom involvement, the students are choosing to be there because it’s something that they enjoy and that makes my job so much more enjoyable to be able to help them learn and grow in these areas they are passionate about. Teaching has always been my dream but even more so making a difference in the generations that will make up or contributing society and this career will allow me to do just that. My impact will be just as big on the world of agriculture as it will be on the entire world because we wouldn’t be where we are today without agriculture.